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Art House • Saturday, 12:00 p.m. (85min)

Period Piece


Director: Heidi O’Loughlin
United Kindgom

A dark comedy about a downtrodden barmaid who puts on a piece of performance art; confronting her harassers, her evasive menstruation, and ultimately the patriarchy.

RBFF | Student Film | Period Piece

Whale Fall – May we all be blessed with longevity


Director: Yiyuan Yuan
New York

After the death of a whale, its corpse will become oasis for hundreds even thousands to live. Same as the death of a man – his word and love will continuously affect next generation that follow. As a great writer, that is how my grandfather affected Chinese literature and me after his death.

RBFF | Student Film | Whale Fall

What Remains


Director: Tyler Kempton

As a young adult, Eric begins to have visions of a life he doesn’t recognize. With his father’s help, he goes on a journey of loss, redemption and self-discovery.

RBFF | Student Film | What Remains

Halfway Home


Director: Natalie Francis

When the system fails a first grader in his reading class, college senior Will Sheridan has to decide how much he’s willing to give up to save her.

RBFF | Student Film | Halfway Home



Director: Steven Coffey

A veteran firefighter struggles to overcome on the job trauma while overlooking family problems at home.

RBFF | Student Film | Scorched

Before Your Eyes


Director: Patrick Linehan

Life is never easy but Jacob has always felt like he drew the short stick. Between his small town life, horrible boss and generally lackluster social skills, he never felt quite at peace. His life seems to change in a flash when he meets Sarah as he learns to take life into his own hands.

RBFF | Student Film | Before Your Eyes

Beyond Words


Director: Tiless Turnquest

It’s his senior year in high school. Kyle Lawley has struggled with selective mutism disorder ever since he’s been the victim of bullying. Now he’s running out of time to win the girl of his dreams. Will he find the strength to speak to her in time for prom?

RBFF | Student Film | Beyond Words

Jonah and Julie


Director: Grace Gallagher

When her parents leave town, Julie is left to take care of her bipolar, older brother Jonah. Through their parents absence and time spent together, the siblings gain a deeper understanding of each other’s lives and themselves.

RBFF | Student Film | Jonah & Julie

Art House

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