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Funny Town

Art House • Friday, 11:30 a.m. (131min)

Fairy Tail


Director: Justin & Kristin Schaack

A hopeless romantic discovers an unlikely intruder and finds love at first fight.

RBFF | Funny Town | Fairy Tail

The Inconclusive Phases of a Break Up


Director: Lawayne Bontrager

A comedy based on an actual text thread from 2008, we follow the phases of Jane’s emotions after she is rejected following her first date with Jack. The outcome is not pretty.

RBFF | Funny Town | The Inconclusive Phases of a Break Up



Director: Zachery Green

A lonely woman suffering from diarrhea and a cell phone addiction invites her elderly neighbor over for lunch, who ultimately solves her problems in the most destructive way possible.

RBFF | Funny Town | Grumble

The Proposal


Director: Danny Buonsanto

What happens when you get a proposal from a former girlfriend to marry her cousin?

Jake’s former girlfriend Kyra proposes a business arrangement to marry her European cousin Athena for a green card. But Jake has plans of his own to both get paid and make Athena fall in love with him.

RBFF | Funny Town | The Proposal

A Modern Magician


Director: Mark Heller
United Kingdom

Not all great minds think alike…

‘A Modern Magician’ is a supernatural, black comedy that follows Jim; an odd young man with unusual pastimes as he meets up with the love of his life.

Based on William Olaf Stapledon’s spellbinding story of the same title, the short was adapted for screen, produced and stars Justin McDonald and Kate Hodgson. Featuring the voice of Brian Cox, Mark Heller directs in his short film debut. Also produced by Nick Rutter.

RBFF | Funny Town | A Modern Magician

All Cock & No Bull!


Director: James Callis
United Kingdom

Relaxing in your backyard is one thing. Relaxing naked in your backyard with an old friend is something else entirely and may have consequences.

RBFF | Funny Town | All Cock and No Bull

My Own Worst Enemy


Director: Eve Hinz

Emma’s biggest problem was supposed to be getting a job. Now it’s the cash only parking lot standing between her and her car. On second thought maybe Emma’s biggest problem is Emma.

RBFF | Funny Town | My Own Worst Enemy

Killing Karen Soloway


Director: Skye P. Marshall

In the disconnected world of social media, one woman struggles to find true connection and save herself before it’s too late.

RBFF | Funny Town | Killing Karen Soloway

Catman: The Love Thief


Director: Austin Coombs-Perez

Antonio’s high school romance is threatened when Catman: The Love Thief, is on the prowl.

RBFF | Funny Town | Catman: The Love Thief

Sac de Merde


Director: Greg Chwerchak
New York

A short film about love, dating and all that crap.

RBFF | Funny Town | Sac de Merde

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