Shorts Block


Art House • Thursday, 10 p.m. (79min)

The Servant


Director: Farnoosh Abedi

A bug becomes a servant, the servant becomes the master.

The Servant



Director: Curtis Matzke

A centuries-old vampire craves the company of loved ones and contemplates the immortality in a world where healthcare has progressed to the point where even the darkest outsiders are cared for … but a small piece of wood can still kill such a creature.


Head Wound


Director: Patrick Valenti

This year, 1 in 5 women will engage in self-harm. And, though she may not look it, Bridgett is one of them. While the outside world sees a put-together office worker with a normal life, Bridgett and her boyfriend must suffer the strain on their relationship in the privacy of their home.

Head Wound



Director: Varun Raman
United Kingdom

Welcome To Britannia.
Together We Stand Alone.


Bride of Frankie


Director: Devi Snively

In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor’s lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

Bride of Frankie

The Daughters of Virtue


Director: Michael Escobed

A lonely housewife fears for her life when a women’s prayer group meeting turns into a fanatical intervention to rid her soul of evil.

The Daughters of Virtue

Art House

211 South Main Street, 2nd Floor

Thursday, 10 p.m.

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