Shorts Block

Narrative Shorts Block 3

Goshen Theater • Thursday, 10 p.m. & Friday, 9:00 p.m. (87 min)

A Mother’s Nature


Director: Brody Bernheisel
United States

A mother’s daily ritual is interrupted by a life changing event, however, some things stay the same.

RBFF | Creepy City | Songbird

Nur and Abir


Director: Manu Gómez

This summer is special, Abir is finally going to the beach thanks to her friend Nur, and behind the back of her dictatorial parents. Together they have come up with a plan to fulfill their dream of swimming together in the sea.

RBFF | Creepy City | Echoes

Hey, I’m Home


Director: Dom Udell

A woman has trouble processing her grief after the sudden death of her husband.

RBFF | Creepy City | Askin’ For It

Thanks for Nothing


Director: Jessica Sherif

Stephanie’s father’s suicide sends her world into a tailspin until she discovers an unexpected ally.

RBFF | Creepy City | Panic Attack

NAFAS NAKESH (Don’t Breathe)


Director: Milad Nasim Sobhan

To exert more tyranny and suppression, the ruling power has done something to its dissenters that they exhale smoke when they breathe, and the agents must take into custody such people wherever they find them. Unaware of the law, a man meets one of the dissidents and it changes the course of his life, until he decides to immigrate to a better land with the dissident for a better life.

RBFF | Creepy City | Atomic Ed

In the Event of My Death


Director: Brian Scott Steele
Washington and Ohio, US

Jeremy. Just. Died. So, in the event of his death, he leaves behind a series of clever clues and witty video messages for his best friend and bandmate Sam, and his brash sister Mandy, which sends them on an adventure through their shared past. They get to experience one last day with Jeremy after he’s gone, and in the end are compelled to mourn the best way they know how.

RBFF | Creepy City | Below A Dark Wood

The Gloom


Director: Dani Viqueira

Laura enters the gloom, a place where it is impossible to distinguish the reality from the nightmare.

RBFF | Creepy City | Below A Dark Wood

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