Blue Fish: Best Film – INDIGO
Stephen Susco Award – INDIGO
Stephen Susco Award: 1st Runner Up – DRIFTING
Stephen Susco Award: Student – OSTRICHLAND
Local Gem – THE WISH
Best Actor: Shawn Ryan (CHARLIE)
Best Actress: Emme Rylan (SHEVENGE)

Studio Screenplay

SAVING SWANS by Stephen Hunt

Independent Screenplay

UNDER MY ROOF by Jennifer DePoyen



2015 Guest of Honor: Kiran Shah

Kiran shah was born in Nairobi, Kenya and his family later re-located to England. He has performed stunts on many big blockbuster films: ‘Superman & Superman II’, ‘Aliens’, ‘Titanic’, James Bond’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars – Return of the Jedi’, ‘Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Dark Crystal’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ , ‘Gothic’, and ‘Adventures of Baron Munchausen.’

Kiran spent four years in New Zealand working on Peter Jackson’s trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’. He worked as a scale and stunt double for all four hobbits mainly Frodo working closely with Elijah Wood. He would return ten years later to do similar work on ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy, but in between he came to New Zealand for a year filming ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ where he played the part of the white witch’s evil dwarf ‘Ginaarbrik’.

He has also worked on many television productions, some of these include ‘Worzel Gummidge’m ‘Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ m ‘Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’, ‘ ‘Shameless’, and ‘Peter Kay Pop Factor X’ , and ‘Dr. Who’. Kiran has also starred in renowned commercials.

Kiran has appeared in many music videos for artists such as Spandau Ballet, Alison Moyet, Fatboy Slim, Mark Ronson feat Lilly Allen, Aphex Twin, Jaime T and Michael Gray.

In addition to performing, Kiran writes poetry, directs and produces. Since 2003 he became a ‘Guinness World Record’ holder as the shortest professional stuntman currently working in films. In 2010 he also became the ‘Guinness World Record holder by being the shortest wing walker. This involved Kiran being strapped to the wing of a 1940′s Boeing Spearman biplane and traveling at the speed of 120mph at 1000ft in the air.